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"Probably the best tasting salsa I have ever had, no lie! Can’t wait to buy more or try the other flavors as well."

Good value · Great food

-Cody William

"Some of the most mouth watering unique flavored salsa I've ever tasted. Uncle Mike is turning me into a SALSAHOLIC"

Good value · Creative cuisine · Friendly staff · Great food

-Paul Iudica

"Uncle Mike’s Awesomesauce is hands down the best ever!! Great taste, excellent quality and a very reasonable price!! Definitely my go to for sauce from now on!!"

-Lena Harris

"I ordered one of each of the salsas not really knowing what to expect. I was very satisfied with the flavors of each salsa! The signature sauce has a very nice mild heat with a lot of flavor. The sweet heat is packed full of flavor and has just the right amount of heat. It’s really good! The Tejas has a slightly different flavor with the smoky chipotle lingering in the background but is equally as pleasant with the best flavor! I loved them all! Really satisfied with my purchase and will be a customer for years to come! Thanks Mike!"

-Cindy Gray

"I've had the large jar of the signature sauce and it was gone in a day! Just recently bought the Tejas and I'm already almost finished with it, but only because I haven't been home all day. The caption is incorrect. This WILL cause addiction! I can't look at any other sauce the same. I frown at them and hope they realize from my gaze how not good enough they are for me anymore. On top of great flavor, its run by a great person. You cant find quality like this anywhere else. Get you some from the Sauce Boss!"

Excellent service · Friendly staff · Great food · Good value · Fast delivery

-Franchesca Ortiz

"I couldn't stop eating it. It's delicious!"

Great food

-Jessica Jamison

"All three flavors are unique and delicious in their own right. I have been experimenting with adding the various flavors in with several recipes in addition to a stand alone dipping or topping and I can honestly say it has enhanced every meal so far! for me, knowing exactly what is and is not in the salsa and knowing it is made from scratch using quality ingredients every time provides a piece of mind as well as providing a great taste. I will be getting my salsa from Mike from now on, it's just that good."
-Allizia Embry
"After I tried my first jar of Signature, I was hooked! Now that I have tried them all, it would be hard to pick a favorite. The variety is perfect! I put this stuff on everything! Straight out of the jar, or a perfect companion to any meal.Thanks for sharing these delicious creations with the world!"
-Annie Peters
"Mike's salsa is homemade & amazing. I have a tomato allergy & he accommodated me by using tomatillos instead. It was so flavorful& he was very thoughtful & creative to make the change."
-Sandi Aitken
"Living in North Carolina for the last 4 years, it has been very difficult for this Texas girl to find decent salsa. Thank tha Lord for Mike! This salsa takes me right back home. It is delicious. I will be on his mail list for-ev-verrrrr. Thanks Mike! you and your salsa rock!"
- Jamie Nash
"The flavor is amazing. We tried the Tejas and the Sweet Heat. Absolutely delicious!! Bland is NOT a word you would use with these salsas! I see another order in my future."
-Marian Figley
"Love all the flavors can't get enough."
-Judy Mckinley
"The Salsa is AMAZING!!! Just the right amount of heat and so much flavor... I'll be ordering more for sure."
-Julie Mattox
"Homemade and super delicious!!! You’re missing out if you haven’t had any yet."
-Mandi Johnson
"We weren’t home 2 minutes from picking up the salsa before we cracked them open for a taste. Absolutely delicious. My son loves the green, but I love the extra kick from the signature salsa. But don’t get me wrong, the green has amazing flavors. I will definitely be getting some as soon as we run out."
-Shara Robertson
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