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Salsaholics Unite!

Offering speciality foods since 2017

-   ABOUT US  -

Signature, Phoenix, & Tejas

Borne of a love for good snack food, I have always enjoyed a good salsa. A few years back I decided to move to Florida for a little change of pace. While there, I discovered that no one in that state had any idea of what good salsa was about.


That inspired me to create my own recipe and to use the ingredients that hit all of the sensations that people love out of a good dip. When I moved back to Texas, I kept making my salsa but constantly changing and tweaking the recipe to get the exact bold flavor I craved. After a large response of people asking me to make them salsa, I decided to start producing regularly. I began canning and distributing in Spring of 2018 and I am in the process of creating new flavorful recipes to grow my brand.

All of my salsas are crafted with fresh vegetables, fruit and kosher salt. I add absolutely no artificial preservatives, GMO, or sweetening to any of my product.

All of my salsas are gluten free as well as vegan friendly.

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